Basic Boat

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2014-10-20 18.01.06.jpg

Basic Boat


1. Hull and Deck ... The base boat comes fully assembled, the hull is made from vacuum formed hi impact styreen plastic, includes the radio board, chain plates, eye pads / fairleads, mast base, back stay towers with back stay cord, dual rudders with horns and linkage clear plastic radio compartment cover, keel access cover, deck winches, deck block

2. Keel and Bulb ... fully assembled, faired aluminum keel with a lead bulb, painted keel installs into the keel trunk with a wing nut. 

3. Mast Rig ... fully assembled three spreader rig with main boom and jib boom, comes with mast crain, jumpers / diamond, dacron shrouds, fore and aft stays, swiveles and s hooks, painted black.

4. Boat Stand ... steel tubing stand with cradle, felt pads, painted black 

5. Radio Antenna ... mount, bulb, antenna , painted white

NOTE : To complete your boat, ready to sail, you will need ... 

1. Purchase your sail set from Ullman Sails Newport Beach ( see Ullman Sails Link to select your sail options ) . any sail questions ... contact Eric Shampain or Keith Magnussen

2. A two channel radio set like ( Futaba Attack 2 Channel / 2 Servos ) will need ( 10 ) aa batteries 

3. A main sail control servo like ( HiTec HS-765 HB Sail Control )

4. A sail control arm H.B.R.C makes a 5 1/2" long throw carbon fiber sail arm with fairlead and cleat

4. Sail control lines and snap connectors Like ( Pro Power- Depth Hunter Spectra line 100 lb test )

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